Wear The Stars in Your Ears with Constellation Piercings

Gone are the days when picking out a single pair of earrings was considered cool. Today, the more piercings you have, the better. We’re talking about getting a constellation piercing.

Similar to the astronomical origin from where the trend got its name, a constellation ear piercing is a group of multiple piercings (normally more than three) that create unique shapes and patterns on the ear. The multiple piercings are referred to as ‘constellations’ since they look like constellations in the sky.

Unlike other piercings like snakebite piercings, they aren’t as out there, but they are eye-catching piercings.

If you’re thinking of getting these trendy and cute ear piercings, here’s everything you need to know before scheduling an appointment with your local ear piercers.

What is a Constellation Piercing?

Multiple piercings have been a thing for a while; constellation piercings fall under this umbrella but are a more stylized and specific version of the look. As mentioned above, this piercing style is composed of three or more piercings that create a unique pattern on your ear.

This means you’ll have multiple piercings on your cartilage, tragus, helix and lobe — using either chains, hoops, or studs — that come together to create a constellation on your ear.

Constellation piercings are arranged according to a specific look and jewelry. However, this look won’t always work if the jewelry was dramatically changed. For example, if you want a way and staggered constellation look, it’ll be messy if you used rings.

Before getting your ears pierced, it’s important to learn more about this type of piercing and to choose the right piercer for the job. While constellation piercings look beautiful, it takes immense skill from a piercer, dedication from the pierce and time, investment and patience to achieve the desired look. So, before you settle on a piercer, check the healed look of their previous clients before discussing your goals.

What to Do Before Getting a Constellation Piercing

Consult with your Piercer First

Ear piercers know the right shapes that will work with your ear. If this is your first ear piercing, talking with them can offer some peace and mind.

Before you get your ears pierced, talk to them about your goals. Share with them your aesthetic vision, your healing history and the future piercings you might want to get. Since the point of getting a constellation ear piercing is the overall look it creates, strategic placement of piercings matters — something your piercer can help you with.

Space Out Your Piercings

The healing time of your piercings depends on different factors, which include the type of piercing. Upper ear piercings can take between three and 12 months while ear lobe piercings can take up to two months to heal. Because of this, getting more than three piercings all at once isn’t a good idea. Instead, start slow.

Why not get a set of lobe piercings first? These don’t hurt as much, and it offers a safe foundation to start from. Also, have one ear pierced at a time so you’ll have a free side that is comfortable to sleep on.

Curate Your Jewelry

The most creative part about this project is you can mix and match the jewelry you pick. Think about the types of jewelry you’ll wear before you get pierced. Constellation piercings focus on creating specific jewelry looks, which can dramatically change if you change the jewelry.

If you can’t decide yet, work with sticker studs or no-pierce ear cuffs to see if you like how it looks.

How Long Does It Take for a Constellation Piercing to Heal?

The healing time and pain levels depend on how many piercings you decide to get done at once. Most piercers recommend getting up to three piercings done in one session. Doing more than three can confuse your immune system, which can prolong the healing process. It’s best to do one ear at a time, especially if you’re getting pierced for the upper cartilage, forward helix and daith.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Constellation Piercing?

The cost depends on how many piercings you get at once, as well as the price of the jewelry you choose. For some piercing salons, one piercing is $35 while two can cost you $50, which is the standard price. The cost of the jewelry is the biggest variable when it comes to the price tag. So, if you’re on a budget, inquire about price discounts for multiple piercings.

Are There Risks Associated with Constellation Piercings?

In general, these piercings are safe, but it’s best to not overdo them. One of the biggest risks of getting a constellation piercing is getting too many at once. Doing so can trigger an ear infection, aka when your ear “eats” the jewelry. To avoid this, get your piercing in phases. Also, it’s better to get your ears pierced by a needle instead of fun for safety and health reasons.

Aftercare for Constellation Piercings

Ultimately, healing piercings one at a time is faster than expecting six piercings to heal in one go. So, as repeatedly expressed in this article, it’s best to have only less than three piercings done at a time. After the session, sleep on the side that hasn’t been pierced and give your body the time to heal up and recover.

Can Constellation Piercings Cover Up Bad Piercing Placements?

If you have an ear piercing placement you’re unhappy with or a weird lobe placement, a constellation piercing is one of the best ways to cover it up. Patterns and pretty arrangements from constellation piercings can distract the view from that one weird piercing.

What Type of Jewelry Should You Use for a Constellation Piercing?

Always look for jewelry pieces that are made from titanium or stainless steel. Titanium is a popular choice for many ear jewelry since it’s hypoallergenic. It won’t cause any allergic reactions, but it can be pricey. Stainless steel is also a common choice for piercing pieces. Whatever you choose, be sure that you don’t have any allergies to both.

  • Studs. Delicate and dainty studs in different shapes can look like stars on your ears. If you want a theme, get some moon and star studs for a planet-themed look. Add sparkles to everything by using gemstones and diamonds.
  • Rings and hoops. Simple and form-fitting rings break up multiple studs and add texture to your look. Drape the style with some longer pieces and delicate chains. Be as minimal as you can because anything too loud can be too distracting.

Wear the stars in your ears. Complete your style by getting constellation piercings today. Talk to your nearest piercer to learn more.

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