Here’s to Pricey Tequila: Which Brands are the Most Expensive?

When it comes to listing down the most luxurious items on earth, tequila might not be on top of your list. It might not even be a part of that list. Scotch and cognac sure, but is there such a thing as luxurious and expensive tequila?

Bottoms up, friends! There are top-of-the-line and expensive tequila brands out there — and chances are you either haven’t heard of them or you’ve seen them and wondered if they are worth the extra bucks.

The current economy might not be the best time to drop a hundred dollars for luxurious Patrón Tequila (which can cause $7,500). But that doesn’t mean you can’t have dreams about it.

What’s the Benefit of Drinking Expensive Tequila?

For those nights when drinking can temporarily brush your woes away, posh tequila might seem pointless. But even if you don’t have plans of sipping tequila delicately, there are many reasons you should invest in quality tequila (once your budget allows it).

While the most expensive tequila brands have a rounder and richer taste, they boast of better ingredients. Consider the Weber Blue Agave content. Some tequila brands can have only 51 percent Blue Weber Agave, which means the remaining 49 percent are nasty and cheap chemical fillers. These additional ingredients will lead to nasty hangovers that could cause you to quit tequila (for now).

You’re not going to feel fresh after a night of drinking pricey tequila, but the consequences wouldn’t be as dire as the cheap ones. On top of that, expensive tequilas boast clean and balanced flavors and are often packaged in beautiful bottles.

What is the Most Expensive Tequila?

$3.5 million for a bottle of tequila? Yes or no? (Photo from Pinterest)

La Ley Del Diamante takes the crown for the most expensive tequila in the world. At $3.5 million per bottle, you get an Extra-Anejo tequila packaged in a handmade bottle that is encrusted with precious jewels. The bottle is one of the reasons for this tequila’s price tag. It is made from two kilos of platinum, which is one of the most expensive metals in the world. On top of that, one side of the bottle is also decorated with more than 4,000 white diamonds (with each diamond weighing 328.59 carats), which gives the bottle its trademark iridescent shimmer.

The bottle might seem like the unique selling point of La Dey Del Diamante, but one sip of this drink will explain why it costs so much. It boasts of a rich and aromatic taste that is so well-rounded, that you’ll intentionally savor it. La Ley Del Diamante tequila is aged in barrels for seven years, which explains its delicious flavor. It also has an alcohol content of 42 percent.

Other Expensive Tequila Brands

If paying $3.5 million for tequila sounds out-of-this-world, there are other expensive tequila brands that aren’t as wild in price but are still expensive.

Here are some of the most popular yet very expensive tequilas in the world.

Casa San Matias Rey Sol Extra-Anejo Tequila (0)

Casa San Matias Rey Sol Extra-Anejo Tequila is more affordable than La Ley Del Diamante, but it’s more expensive than your average bar tequila. With a price tag of $400, it’s not something you’ll chug in one sitting.

Like the La Ley Del Diamante, Casa San Matias Rey Sol Extra-Anejo Tequila comes in a beautiful crystal decanter that sparkles like diamonds. On the bottle, you’ll Rey Sol, aka the Sun King. The exquisite glasswork is accented beautifully when it is full of delicious tequila.

This tequila also took its time. The agave used to create this drink takes seven to 10 years to harvest and must be aged for five to seven more years in an oak barrel. But the explosion of hazelnut, oak, chocolate, vanilla and notes of dried fruit will make the wait worth your while.

This tequila pairs well with red meat, making it the perfect dinner drink alone or when you’re eating at your favorite Hoboken restaurant.

José Cuervo 250 Aniversario (,179)

José Cuervo 250 Aniversario
Tequila in a box makes the entire thing sound fancier than you think. (Photo from Pinterest)

José Cuervo is already a trusted brand in the field of tequila. But its 250 Aniversario version offers a richer twist to their already delicious tequila line.

Simple yet sophisticated, the José Cuervo 250 Aniversario is effortlessly special. The elegant bottle has a leather-bound glass decanter and an engraved neck plate. Each bottle is also presented in a solid oak box.

It takes three years for this tequila to age. They also age in casks previously used for bourbon. The process requires an additional 10 months in a sherry cask before you’re presented with a delicious bottle of tequila. The taste is intense yet warming and is accompanied by scents of sherry, citrus and smoke. A sip of this tequila leaves a creamy and smooth taste in the mouth.

Barrique De Ponciano Porfidio (,000)

Apart from being expensive, this tequila is rare. Only 3,000 bottles were produced between 1998 and 2011. If you still get your hands on a bottle of Barrique, consider yourself lucky.

Unlike the first entries on this list, Barrique has a simple bottle design that is slim, tall and easy to pour. However, the lettering is embellished with gold (21-carat, to be exact!). The cactus design of the bottle is also hand-blown inside the bottle. If you’re looking for a good souvenir and delicious tequila, hit both with a bottle of Barrique.

The tequila wasn’t aged using standard oak barrels. Instead, Barrique tequila is aged using expensive woods like cherry wood, acacia and esche. It undergoes a multi-step distilling process that creates a clean and pure-tasting tequila.

Patron En Lalique: Serie 2 Tequila (,500)

At first glance, the second series of Patron En Lalique’s bottles looks like an art deco exhibit. The bottle has clean, geometric lines, giving it a simple yet elegant look. It also comes with a crystal decanter and a fancy stopper decorated with the trademark Patron bee. The fancy tequila is packaged in the company’s signature wooden box.

While it isn’t as rare as the Barrique, the Serie 2 Tequila is made only at small batches. Each batch is also aged for eight years in a variety of casks: sherry barrels, French oak and American oak. This painfully slow process results in a multi-layered flavor of sweet honey, oak, agave and fruits.

AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto (,800)

The AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto’s bottle looks more like a work of art than a basic tequila bottle. The handmade bottle comes with a cigar humidor and is encased in a beautiful wooden box.

As for the tequila, AsomBroso tequila is aged for 10 years in Portuguese port wine barrels, which gives this tequila a similar taste to brandy. It is also a combination of two tequilas, one of which has been aged in white oak casks.

Why is Tequila So Expensive?

While most tequila brands aren’t in the price range of the expensive brands mentioned above, most of them can be pricey. This is because the process of making tequila takes time, effort and quality materials. The process is a small batch and high-quality system, which means you get small batches of tequila for a longer process time.


Despite the hefty price tags on these expensive tequilas, there’s no doubt that time and effort went into the production of these drinks. So, if you’re looking for some quality tequila time and have some wiggle room in your budget, why not have a sip of luxury tequila?

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