Wedding Tech: Online Tools and Gadgets that Will Make Your Big Day Extra Special

Over the years, the wedding industry has been experiencing technological growth. Of course, everyone is aware how the social media app Pinterest has changed the way people plan their big days. Pinning images onto virtual vision boards has become an essential first step toward organizing weddings.

Sometimes, people start searching for wedding-related topics online before getting engaged. Pinterest has become central in weddings, but other tools can make your big day more special.

Drone for a Cinematic Wedding Video

Drones are increasingly used in event videography to capture special moments at angles that have never been seen.

The wedding venue is essential, especially when it is at a location that is important to the couple. The beach where they first went on a vacation as a couple, the university campus where they first met, or a tropical destination that they have always dreamed of going to – all these places will be best captured and immortalized by a drone.

Couples should choose a wedding video company that uses drones to capture aerial footage to highlight the wedding venue. Drones are also perfect for capturing a larger number of people, ideal for those who plan to invite all of their families, friends, colleagues, etc.

Some people have replaced moody toddlers with drones as ring bearers. The drone will zip across the aisle with the camera rolling and deliver the rings to the couple, creating a unique perspective.

Livestreaming with Virtual Reality

In the age of the pandemic, it has become a new normal for couples to Livestream their weddings to allow loved ones who, because of the threat of the virus, cannot travel to the venue and be physically present to be a part of the event still. Most couples use Zoom, a video conference app. However, virtual reality is the best way to experience online events.

Couples can mail virtual reality headsets to grandma and grandpa before the wedding. Someone will capture every special moment in an immersive 360-degree video that will be shared with virtual guests. With the V.R. headsets, the guests can experience the entire scene and feel physically present at the venue.

Even without V.R. headsets, guests can stream the wedding through their smartphones and tablets. They only need to tap on the screen or physically move the device around to witness the event in its entirety.

3D Printing Cake

Three-dimensional printing can accomplish what normal fondant and frosting cannot. There are now cake makers who add intricate 3D shapes using 3D printers as toppers for wedding cakes.

A 3D printer is easier and more flexible than normal fondant and frosting. These structures are still edible, and they will make your wedding cake unique.

GoPro Bridal Bouquet

Wedding bouquet with roses and carnations

What does the wedding look like to the blushing bride? Some brides are attaching a GoPro to their bouquets to capture the event from their unique perspective. The bouquet is the perfect item to carry a camera because it is present through most of the wedding and then passed on to one of the guests by the end.

The GoPro will recount every step the bride takes, from the makeup and hair prep to the point where they walk down the aisle. It will also capture the reaction of every guest during the wedding and give a closeup of the couple giving their vows.

Virtual Wedding Previews

Planning a wedding is not easy. Although Pinterest has made planning a wedding without a professional wedding planner achievable, developing a big event with multiple separate parts is still a common cause for stress.

Luckily, other tools will make the experience of planning the perfect wedding better.

There are interactive online platforms that allow couples to experiment with the venue floor plan. They can drag and drop chairs, tables, buffet, and beverages around a virtual setting to see how the arrangement will look in real life. The platform has several popular, real-life wedding venues, from the Space Needle in Washington to Viceroy Santa Monica in California, in which brides and grooms can plan their big day.

Different technologies can improve the wedding experience, from planning to the big day itself. There are other tools that couples, wedding planners, photographers and videographers, and guests can use to ensure that the wedding will be as perfect as the bride and groom have imagined it will be.

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