Things We Can All Learn from Millennial Marketers

Have you decided to turn your hobby into a money-making machine? Excellent idea! Sometimes, the best business ideas started as an innocent hobby.

Make your hobby-turned-business a success is by marketing to the right target audience. Your target consumers will depend on the product you are trying to offer. But it pays to consider millennials as your customers. This is since millennials are the biggest generation. They are also the largest consumer group these days.

What does it take for hobbyists-turned-entrepreneurs to start attracting millennial consumers? The following are just a couple of lessons we can steal from millennial marketers. Why? The reason is simple. No one knows millennial consumers better than millennial marketers themselves.

Be a native of millennials’ language

Millennials are naturally internet lovers. They grew up during the digital revolution. This is why one of the best ways to reach out to them is through the dot com world. In 2016 alone, statistics show that they spent an average of 188 minutes each day on the internet. If you can speak their digital language, then you can surely grab their attention and turn them into paying customers.

Start by listing your business online. Build your brand a website and start optimizing it. Don’t forget to establish an online presence on different social media sites. Be authentic as nothing can turn millennials off fast than by being a complete copycat. Think mobile too as millennials spend many of their waking hours on their mobile phones.

Showcase your social responsibility

Many know millennials for their sense of social responsibility. They advocate for sustainability and demands businesses to be more mindful of the environment. They are into healthy living, work-life balance and supporting local causes. Theyw want honest and authentic efforts. If you can follow through with their values and lifestyle interests, then you can surely pique their attention.

You can do this by offering sustainable products and using sustainable business processes. When it comes to your physical marketing techniques, choose one that makes use of less energy, and produces less waste. Be mindful of how you pack your products. Let’s say you take advantage of metal printing to turn your images into beautiful masterpieces. Instead of non-biodegradable packaging, use eco-friendly materials to entice more millennial customers.

Create experiences they will find hard to forget


Generation Y is all about experiences, so make sure to give it to them. For one, you can invest in a great unboxing experience to boost your millennial followers. You can also work with influencers related to your niche to create a hype about your latest innovation. Millennials also value recommendations from their loved ones and influencers. They spend time to research on your product and company and are more likely to buy from you if people they trust have had great experiences with your brand.

Each consumer has their own needs and preferences. It may seem like millennials can be a bit more demanding and hard to please. But this stems from their social responsibility, value for money, and other factors. If you can attract millennial consumers, then the products you used to make out of a hobby can be your key to business success and personal wealth.

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