Ideas to Help You Support Your Theater-Loving Child

The stage is a magical place where dreams come true. While some kids express interest in sports and academics, some excel in the arts. And if your child is one of those kids with a passion for theater, you have an essential role in supporting their dreams.

As a parent, you should be your child’s biggest fan and supporter. You want to see them succeed in whatever they set their mind to. It doesn’t matter if you have a school-age kid or a growing teenager — they will need your support either way. So, here are ten tips for supporting your child’s theater dreams:

Tip #1: Attend their productions

One of the best ways to support your child’s theater dreams is to attend their productions. This shows them that you are interested in what they are doing and that you are supportive of their efforts. And if you can’t be there personally due to work or other commitments, be sure to ask them about the production and give them your congratulations afterward.

Tip #2: Encourage them to audition

Encourage your child to audition for roles, even if they don’t think they will get them. The more experience they have auditioning, the better they will become at it. Don’t be the first to tell them they don’t have what it takes to succeed. Instead, support their dreams and help them through the tough times because everyone experiences rejection at some point.

Tip #3: Help them memorize lines

One of the most challenging aspects of theater is memorizing lines. So, if your child is struggling to learn their lines, offer to help them. You can read the lines with them, help them break down the scenes, and develop creative ways to help them remember their lines. But don’t take it personally if doing so can lead to outbursts. After all, it can be frustrating for your kid when they can’t remember their lines.

Tip #4: Give them space to feel their emotions

Theater kids can be dramatic, and that’s okay! They need to be able to feel their emotions to channel them into their characters. So, don’t try to stifle their feelings or tell them to “calm down.” Instead, give them the space they need to feel their emotions. And if you ever need parenting advice for your teenage girl, for example, don’t be afraid to ask their drama teacher!

Tip #5: Allow them to find their own way

Letting your child make mistakes and learn from them is one of the best ways to help them find their own way. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lead them to wayward paths; it means supporting their decisions, even if you disagree. Allow your child to explore their passion and see where it takes them instead of killing their dream before it can blossom.

Tip #6: Don’t compare them to others

Every child is unique because they have particular talents and abilities. It’s important not to compare your child to other people, whether they may be other performers or classmates. If your kid struggles academically but thrives on stage, then you should help them find ways to connect their love for theater with their schoolwork.

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Tip #7: Encourage them to take breaks

Your child must take breaks, both for their mental and physical well-being. Theater can be taxing on the body and mind, so it’s essential to encourage your child to take some time for themselves. This can be anything from taking a walk to reading a book. It’s also necessary to ensure they get enough sleep and eat healthy meals.

Tip #8: Help them manage their time

Time management is crucial for any performer. They need to be able to balance their rehearsal schedule with their schoolwork and other extracurricular activities. As a parent, you can help them by creating a plan and sticking to it. This will ensure that they have enough time for everything and get the most out of their theater experience.

Tip #9: Help them with their costumes

If your child is performing in a play, they will need help with their costumes. Whether it’s sewing a button or helping them find the right shoes, you can be a big help. You can also help them with their makeup and hair. Just give them the space they need to get ready before the show.

Tip #10: Be their biggest fan

Last but not least, be your child’s biggest fan. Show them how proud you are of their accomplishments and give them your unconditional love and support. The theater is a brutal world, and they will need all the encouragement they can get. So, be their biggest fan and help them achieve their dreams.

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Supporting your child as they pursue their theater dreams can be a great way to bond with them and help them grow. So, use these tips to help you support your child’s theater dreams and watch them shine on stage.

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