Labelling Mistakes Can Ruin Your Brand Image

Is your company launching a new product? Coming up with attention-grabbing labels should be a priority. The chosen symbol must represent the value of your product in the market.
Think of an image that creates a powerful first impression in the buyer’s mind. Keep in mind the first impression lasts forever. Is the label attractive enough to compel a buyer to choose your items over that of competitors?

There is no silver bullet to crafting impressive logos that bring sales. But there are some leading factors to consider when planning product label designs. Here are common blunders entrepreneurs commit when labelling their products.

Colour Inconsistencies

Did you know that consumers associate your brand with your chosen colours? Colours can directly affect a buyer’s decision. For example, red and yellow encourages people to buy. But they may not be the best choices all the time.

Your packages should be in unison and coherent with your brand. For the best results, use CMYK on your artwork. To avoid colour inconsistencies, consult a labelling company that takes product advertising seriously.

Missing Graphics and Fonts

In this digital age, there’s a plethora of graphics and fonts available for making labels. Downloading fancy fonts is quite easy. Sometimes, an error message pops up when opening the artwork.
This error can be avoided by creating an outline of the fonts before printing out a design label. The same applies when it comes to graphics.

Avoid fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman as they are overused. Go for something that makes your product stand out from the crowd. You may choose a font with a spicy effect when dealing with foodstuff. If you are in the automotive industry, consider a bold font that represents toughness and longevity.

Wrong Sizing and Format

man checking mustard product label

Sizing a label requires precision. The design size should reflect the expected label. To ensure quality, save files in high resolution, say 300dpi. The problem with low resolution is that it makes graphics appear pixelated.

Save the artwork in a format that is recognised by the printer system. Industrial standards programs such as Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop ensure top quality. When using different software, export the files to standard formats. A professional printing company can help you identify the right formats.

Grammatical Mistakes

A grammatical error can be a costly mistake. Before sending the design, proofread the label. The printer picks text errors, but some spelling mistakes can slip through the cracks. That’s why you need a pair of professional eyes before sending a product label to print.

Uncompliant Performance Standards

Miscommunication is the primary cause of faulty labels. Does your label fall apart when it gets into contact with water? Does it scratch easily during transportation? Be informed on the most suitable adhesives and substrates to use.

Use a Professional to Plan Your Product Labels in NZ

A beautiful logo cannot happen overnight. Even so, a good designer from New Zealand can help you bring your ideas to life. A competent printing company creates customised tags free of common errors.

Professionals start by preparing artwork before sending it to a printer. If there’s an error in the layout, the artwork cannot go to print. Wouldn’t you want such perfection? Consult an NZ printing and advertising company today.

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