Best Ways to Deal With Writer’s Block While in Quarantine

Dealing with writer’s block is already a tortuous challenge in and of itself. But trying to do it during a pandemic and while in quarantine? It can make just about any writer crazy in front of their blank Word document

If you’re dealing with writer’s block during the quarantine, the first thing that you should know is that you’re not alone. Millions of writers out there are suffering the same fate, and just like you, the prolonged periods of isolation are getting inside their heads and sabotaging their writing plans.

So, here are the ways that other writers are dealing with quarantine writer’s block which just might work for you, too.

Write something else

Take a break from the main work that you’re going to send to the self-publishing book printing company. When the words refuse to flow no matter how hard you try to wring out your brain, writing something else might be what you need to jumpstart your figurative pen. Try writing a poem if you’re working on a story or write a different genre for a good change of pace. Doing this will help get your creative juices flowing and nudge you back on the right track.

Establish a routine

The monotonous life of quarantine can be incredibly boring. However, it’s routine that can keep us from losing our collective minds while in social isolation. More importantly, it can be a great way to get your creativity to flow when you’re stuck in a writing rut.

Incorporate writing into your daily schedule. Try writing at different times of the day at first and see when you’re at your most productive. This will require a bit of trial and error, especially now that the quarantine has messed up our routines ever since the pandemic started, but it’s important that you keep trying. If your document barely progresses in the morning, you might be more productive in the afternoon or at night. But if it’s the other way around, try waking up early in the morning and see if you can write better then.

Do something fun

Can’t write a single paragraph to save your life? Stop forcing yourself for a day or two and do something fun instead. Have a movie marathon. Try a new coffee recipe. Go for a hike. Work on a craft project. Let your mind and body enjoy for a while–it might be the refresher that your brain needs to resume your writing powers.


Whether it’s someone else’s work or your own, reading is one of the best ways to gain inspiration. It will also give you some time away from your computer screen and rest your eyes while being entertained.

Furthermore, reading your own work can give you the confidence boost you need to start writing again. Aside from showing you what you’re capable of, your previous work will also serve as a reminder of what you can surpass. And if you’re re-reading work that isn’t finished yet, you can indulge in the feeling of being productive since you are technically proofreading.

Use a prompt

writer using a typewriter

Using a prompt will help you write something, anything, that will help you overcome writer’s block. There are endless prompts you can choose from, you just have to pick one that sparks your interest enough to start typing words on your screen.

Write stuff down

If you have too many ideas in your brain and it’s causing you writer’s block, try writing down your thoughts to clear the mental notebook in your head. Aside from that, writing stuff down will also make sure that you don’t forget the ideas that have gone through your head–you never know if that next seemingly dumb thought you might be your next big project.

Work somewhere else

The place where you’re writing can contribute to writer’s block as well. For example, if you’re writing in front of the TV and getting distracted every other minute, you need to find somewhere else to write. Similarly, if starting at the same four walls of your bedroom is keeping the words scarce, then you might need to get out of your room–or the house, for that matter.

Try working somewhere else, a place that is conducive to productivity (quiet, uncluttered, serene, etc.). It can also help to get out of the house and write in a cafe or at the park, just make sure to maintain social distancing rules.

Writer’s block during a pandemic can seem impossible to beat, but it just takes a few small changes to finally overcome the seemingly impenetrable wall that’s keeping you from your work. So if you’re facing writer’s block while quarantine, use these strategies to help yourself get over it and finally get back on track.

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