Beauty Brands With Distinct Online Branding

Browsing through online shops is fun, making a purchase—even more so. Don’t you love killing time by reading customer reviews and weighing down the options if you need another denim jacket or not?

However, when it comes to cosmetics, it’s pretty difficult to purchase newly launched products or try new shades. More often than not, the online swatches are different from how they look in real life. There are factors such as the studio lighting and lens type that have a hand in changing the product’s color composition — that, and the fact that the shades look different on every skin tone.

It shouldn’t be a problem once you’ve seen the product and tried it in their physical store. But for new releases and new shades, it’s similar to playing the lottery. It’s a matter of luck if you’re bound to hit the jackpot.

Vlogs and user reviews that speak of a perfect match are encouraging for probable buyers to purchase the product.Image editing of e-commerce products is crucial in building trust among customers. If done right, e-commerce can help beauty companies in increasing their sales and reaching a bigger market.

Beauty brands have been utilizing the online medium in creating note-worthy branding. Like, seeing a campaign can instantly give you an idea of which brand it belongs to. Here are some examples:

  1. Glossier

You know a Glossier girl when you see one. Imagine curled lashes, glossy lips, perfectly moisturized skin. Glossier has made the look popular again after the Instagram make-up trend took over the world by storm. It cemented itself as a brand that produces products that make its users look natural and not too made-up.

Glossier may not have a wide array of products, but they surely generate a huge number of online engagements. Its content-centered social media strategy is understandable. After all, the brand started out as a blog called In the Gloss. You’ll notice that a large portion of its activity is the reposting of photos from influencers and customers, showing their Glossier look and feedbacks.

woman applying gray eyeshadow

  1. 3CE

3CE is a cosmetic brand under the popular and influential Korean fashion brand, Stylenanda. Both brands emanate the qualities of Korean pop-culture: fun, youthful, and trendy.

When it comes to the 3CE’s packaging, you’ll get matte warm autumn hues in sleek and clean lines. The minimalist designs are different from the cute pastel packaging found in most Korean cosmetic brands. The models, who have become online celebrities in their own rights, look like dolls with muted-colored make-up in the shades of brick, rose, and orange. When you look into the page of popular Korean influencers, you’ll constantly see 3CE as their brand of choice. There are other brands which attempted to incorporate the same design elements, but seeing them will keep you blurting out, “It’s 3CE.”

  1. Fenty

Within the span of four days, Fenty drew in 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Some say it’s Rihanna’s magic; some say it’s the 40 different foundation shades.

The essence of Fenty’s branding is its advocacy for inclusivity and body positivity. Built on beauty for all concept, this company owned by Rihanna featured models of different ethnicities. Not only that, its digital channels feature reviews and testimonials of everyday fans and professionals.

Distinct online presence is important in the beauty market. Many have built an empire through beauty vlogs and online product launches. Considering it’s a billion-dollar industry, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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