How can you help support The Alley Theater?

There are various ways you can support the Alley Theater besides enjoying our performances.

As a 501c(3) Non-Profit, we are always grateful for donation of time and money, both in general non-earmarked terms as well as for specific projects.
Click Here to make a financial donation.

We are always happy to to make use of volunteer labor if you have a special skill or are just interested in being a part of your local arts community.
Please contact us at, if you'd like to volunteer your time.

The Alley Theater is also in need of board members! We need experienced business leaders from around the Louisville area to help us raise money and awareness of the theater and its mission. Being a board member at the Alley is a great way to help keep something unique and different alive in Louisville - a city which has a long tradition of avant-garde creativity unrivaled in other cities of its size in the country. If you are interested in being on our board please download this form, fill it in and mail it to us!

Or simply go back to the home page and buy a ticket to a show!