The Alley Theater Arts Caravan

The Alley Theater is proud to announce that after twenty years of planning, hoping, and dreaming, we have taken the first steps toward making the Arts Caravan a reality.

The Arts Caravan is a mobile theater platform, based around three buses (so far) that have been donated to us by TARC, designed to facilitate outdoor performances, events, and workshops.

We have also just received a grant of $20,000 from the Gheens Foundation to continue working to develop the buses and turn them into portable performance venues. Ultimately, the Caravan will make it possible for us to bring theater, music, and visual arts beyond our little stage on Main Street to people who rarely get to experience live performances or participate in workshops to discover the magic of participatory art forms.

So, why do this? One answer is to provide a solution to the disconnected social structure that has proliferated over the last few decades. As technology increases so does the ease with which we can isolate ourselves. The Arts Caravan is not just to promote the arts but also to promote an atmosphere for discussion and community growth. Simply put, it’s an excuse for people to come together as a group in a friendly, artistic, and social atmosphere.
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